"down below those dandy clothes you're just a shade too white"

american apparel tri-blend tank, don't be a hero and vintage jewelry, vintage sweater

my beast (i.e. golden retriever) Sam

beloved gray converse

american apparel tri-blend tank and raglan sweatshirt, topshop chrome shorts

yeah, I am actually alive. hard to believe, I know. I've just been insanely busy so I figured I had to give you a little heads up with that last post to let you know that I was going to be a little preoccupied for a while.

I've started a new job that was seriously kicking my ass for a second there. I figured out later that I was the only one there starting out with my position without any previous experience or real protocol training, yay! But I've got it down now and my boss's "figure out the best way for you" approach to instruction actually did work out for the better, just made me absolutely panicked that I was about to be fired every second for about the first week or so.

Am also taking summer classes which aren't too bad. Public Speaking's a bitch but I'm also spending it with a couple good friends. And though Advanced Composition is at night, I'm an English nerd so I actually really like it... don't judge me :P

Sorry about the pictures, I can't seem to find someone who will actually help me out with the blog and take photos of my outfits, which are majorly 90's inspired currently. nothing beats the ska/grunge/surf rat of the 90's in my mind, it's pretty much my childhood as a wannabe tomboy street hockey wahine (which is an actual word) summarized. Listened to nothing but No Doubt and Nirvana for the majority of my life until I moved where they had never heard of either them. Damn un-ska, anit-grunge Nor Cal. Moved here and all the wore was L.L. Bean, which has, thankfully, evolved a bit since then :P

as for Sam, I call him Beast because he's actually the sweetest living thing ever. total affection whore :P


blackandbleu said...

j'adore your blog!

s'il te plaît,
come visit me at

mille bisous!

Marie-Louise said...

great blog- and your header is one of the best ive ever seen!

Stompface said...

rad photos.
that necklace is freakin' cool.

mmm 90's love.



Ahh yay for comebacks! Those purchases(?) in the last polaroid are pretty together.

And 90's inspired outfits? Do share! The ole mirror and camera trick should suffice when there's no trusty photographer around...

Tereza Š. said...

pretty necklase

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

hey babes ♥ it's Hannah from LONDON--ROSE.
I just wanted to say sorry about disappearing for a couple of months - something happened in my personal life and I needed time out... but now I'm back! and my blog is going to be even bigger and better - I have sooo much work to do over the next couple of days but am going to put in 100%.
anywayyy I just wanted to let you know I'm back lol! your blog looks AMAZING as always x
♥ Hannah ((london--rose.blogspot.com))

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

yeah sam is super cute.. i wanna a dog like that.. lol

moded'amour said...

your dog is cute! and i love those topshop shorts.

monkey toes said...

kool blog and photos!!! love it


sa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

kimberly said...

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