"in the sun, in the sun I feel as one"

summer, when I am actually experiencing it and not classes or work, makes me feel like a little kid again, running around and doing anything to keep my energy from building and reaching those inhuman heights so many kids specialize in, especially when coped up in a fine restaurant.

the above is my dream bike which I can imagine myself wearing in properly with years of childish exploits only justified by the epicness that is this bike. the whole world my sun roof and every person in it a new challenge to race, new reason to keep going at top gear.

just I wont crash it into the deep end pool like my best-friend's brother jimmy (jimmers) did. jessi and I laughed for a while, then my dad had to go fish it out.

also, I want a skateboard again. and a half pipe. or a cul-de-sac.

outfit only mildly unrelated.

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HEK said...

You know what, Ijust bought a new bike:) Weeeee! And I cycle around and feel like a little kid. Hope you get your dream bike too!!! :)

an92 said...

Nirvana was #1 on the Triple J (an Australian radio show) hottest 100 of all time :) Even though the outfit may be unrelated, I love the satchel so much!

Anonymous said...

biking in the summer is the best...love your unrelated outfit post

Rozdeen said...

Those shoes...drool.


Solo said...

Great stuff. Summer heat! ;D

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Alyssa said...

I'm getting a new bike before next semester, I'm so excited but I should probably spend more time finding the perfect one.
Love all the collage items, I can't even pick a favorite!

Julia said...

I so want that bike!

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