"mother I lost it all on the fear of the lord I was given"

I really aught to stop doing this in direct sunlight so I'm not forced to wear shades in every post and then maybe I'll look like a person and not a terminator.
How do you like the processing here? Each is a little different, but all essentially upping the "shadow" "contrast" and "fade color" settings on iPhoto, just varying degrees.
Also got a black pair of these pants, which came with these tears, though I've since torn both pairs a bit more to emulate the Topshop versions and am thinking of going back for a second set to do this to. freaking only way I'm even going to come close to wearing pants this summer.


Victoria C said...

Oh my gosh - PLEASE destroy a pair of pants like that, I totally love it and you could pull it off.
Pictures in the sun always look better haha sunglasses are worth it! xo

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that your back to posting outift photos that is the main reason why i became a follower of your blog, I love your style. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

i l o v e
t h a t
b r o w n
b a g.


MISS BANG said...

i agree with the above comment. give me that bag. i need it!!

Is This Real Life? said...

Your jean are great!
great outfit!


Iole said...

love it!

Sabina said...

Great pics & playing with the colour/contrast gives it a nice feel. Gorgeous blog x

ADRIANA said...

very nice look, I really love the boots & the bag !!!

Shini said...

hheheh terminator. The glasses really suit you, perfect with destroyed jeans like that!!

gennie said...

haha your comment made me laugh!! good luck buying that saskia! the whole line was one of my all-time favorites from the entire chloe bag lineup!

and that's so funny you used to live around pelican hill! too bad the golfers were always pelting your house with golf balls :/ doesn't sound too good.. hope you didn't have a dog in your backyard!!

elisabeth said...

i dont wear jeans either but i the colour of those, also in love in with your boots!!they're the most perfect example of biker boots i've seen yet!

elisabeth said...

p.s. - can i link you?:)

freestyler said...

you look gorgeous. love the jacket

La Chauve-Souris said...

sick outfit!!! love it!!!

great blog
good night
the bat

kirstyb said...

Absolutely loving these outfits xoxox

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Robynne said...

Love this outfit!


my gosh !
i respect your style~~~~^^
the fashion is an infinity.
have fun.