"why don't you all fade away don't try and dig what we all say"

This is from the street artist QuestionMarc and I fucking love it. Even though I do Twitter (Tweet? Or is Twitter a verb? I just don't know). Ironic street art just is what makes my heart beat, I swear. I saw a Banksy on Google first when I was like thirteen and it's been my only real rebellious side ever since. Well, that and being a liberal.

I know that this blog has been a little far off from fashion lately, but don't worry I haven't given up on the fashion world, I'm just absolutely bored with what I can wear. Everything that I like looks like hell on me. I don't think I'm fat and I'm not saying anything of the sort, but the styles I like only look right on twigs gawddamnit. Not really sure what to do about that since I can't really forcibly change my tastes in clothes. I could always invest in more shoes.

That's actually not a half-bad idea come to think of it.

Also, blogger and picassa have declared war on me. Have been forced to revert to manual html, luckily I did Livejournal in Jr. Highschool so I'm well prepared.


Anonymous said...

l o v e
l o v e
t h i s p o s t
f o r s o
m a n y
r e a s o n s.


Stompface said...

wow that is rad.

I am a fan of Banksy too.

Oh I forgot to tell you, I got the polaroid look from this site:



HEK said...

I love this photo! :)
But off course, I'm a huge street art fan;) It might not be fashion in the sense of clothes, but I think fashion, art and whatever inspires you comes together. It all blends into one I think, guess you could just call it pop culture ore something..? :)

Louisee x said...

Wow, I love street art too, and that is particularly cool!

I can totally relate to liking styles that only suit 'twigs'.. it really annoys me too!


Anonymous said...

i s o
h a v e
t o f i n d
t h a t
n a i l
p o l i s h n o w.

i m i n l o v e
w i t h
i t.

t h a n k s f o r
t e l l i n g
m e.


Shini said...

i love when the world is going nerdy.


I love the image too... and I'm a huge fan of street art. Here in Argentina is really commom and is everywhere.

Victoria C said...

I love Banksy.. I remember being totally fascinated when I first heard of him. This street art is cool too. xo

Paperface said...

This made me happy. It's good to see that there are awesomely sane people out there. Fashion is great, but there comes a point when you have to say, "shit, why should I wear what they tell me to wear when I don't really want to wear it?" You make fashion - fashion doesn't make you.

Eeli said...

haha that is sooo funny! Indeed lol

I know what you meaan. Sometimes I feel my outfits can't be inspiring at times so forfeit documenting on my blog so I just consider mine a 'personal' as opposed to 'fashion' orientated one now lol

Anyhoo short ramble over. Hope you have a lovely tue


lovemarksthespot.com said...

RADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD RADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD RADDDDDDDDDDDD post. so efffing clever! such a mind wonk that modern life is so reflexive..commentary on commentary. what is real anymore?

Anonymous said...