"and a message comin from my eyes says leave it alone"

All Photography by Faith Martin of Real People Photography
Topshop vest, Ray Ban Aviators, Vintage shorts, United Arrows Jacket, American Apparel acid wash shirt, Frye boots, Don't Be A Hero Jewelry
Faith's Clothing by Urban Outfitters

I've been working on a few things, all massively distracting and keeping me away from the epic bloggers out there. But I'm about to free up a bit (well, in some ways) and hopefully I'll be able to return more regularly than once a month

An exerpt:

Seeing that, watching the first thing go right, all my adrenaline drained. I felt like there should have been a visible shadow of energy next to me, like if I could look quickly enough, I'd see it maliciously escaping. I could feel it leave me, like reaching that point was enough reason for my body to give out now that something, anything was secure. Could almost hear it say "we've got to pass out now, nothing else matters. You've reached the minimum and that's all I need to give out, don't really care what you think about it. I'll take any reason to let this go." Try and fight that. Try and reason with Exhaustion and tell it, "but I'm not finished yet." See how far you get.


rebecca said...

haha i wanna be an epic blogger.. imagine saying that to people.. oh yeah im an epic blogger!
love the title lyric. its always so cool reading other blogs that use lyrics to title blog posts. i always love finding good lyrics and its so great to be able to tell people about how clever the lyric is, share the love! x

Solo said...

You are so gorgeous! And that Ray Ban is cool. ;D

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the style spotter said...

cute outfit!


e. said...

i love those socks,
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Brilliant post!

Yary and Sary said...

you look very very pretty..

Linnea said...

really cool boots, love them! dont have anything to say on the outfit either, real cool!

ABIGAIL NY said...

great pictures!!!..very pretty



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Sherrie Cola said...

Liking your style!

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really cool comfy boots ..i wanna them

Perth Lawyers said...

Just a comfy and amazing outfit. xx

elena-anna said...

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