"too young to fall asleep, too cynical to speak"

but sleep and speak I did.

upstairs with the gentlemen, too much ketchup, talk of manly Calvin Klein model-looking guys riding small bikes, walked under concrete bridges, hit on by drunk 50-year-old ponytailed men, witnessed amp first aid attempts, posed on the couch, laugh imitation, lighters as bottle openers, feathered fedoras + polyester art, blurred accidental photographic people hybrids, spied on loiterers from loitering above, is it white cheddar or junkyard?, men wearing women's jeans, resentfully too-full trash cans, contributed to communal art, and pranks involving mics at attention to someone how went to sleep far too early.

must blog more. must have money to have time to blog. which makes money. shit.

speaking of which, does anyone have and adsense tips for me? I'm trying to specialize these babies so that they are relevant. pissed me off so hard when they popped up political views --some that I can't even begin to understand why people actually believe in-- last november right before the election. forchissake.

so any adsense help would be lovely. I'd really love to be able to feed my starving student self without being an advertisment whore for things I don't believe in. is that too much to ask?


Bianca and Isabella said...

flying fish:)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

lol that little adsense rant made me giggle :)
i dont use it so cant be much help, sorry!
love the photos!

♥ Hannah



Anonymous said...

I don't have it either, but that did make me laugh x

The Stiletto Effect said...

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mel said...

money money money.we unfortunately need them ! the pictures are fantastic.and especially the main pic of ur blog.and the tittle :)

rebecca said...

sucha beautifully written post. money really is an annoying. love the pictures x

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

love the title of this post and great photos as well

Jowy said...

U are a talented and witty writer u know that?!

One Love,

Michelle Gabrielle said...

nice pictures girl!!


nameeee here!? said...

ove the blog ♥ ♥ ♥


Kendra said...

love the header :) your blogs very cool


M. and O. said...

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