"oh, I'll break them down, no mercy shown, heaven knows, its got to be this time"

photo from Dirty Little Style Whore

yay for blogger procrastination, right?

I love this photo. sometimes you just need a day like this where even the gods are looking at your ass.

the essay/finals/hellscape status is as follows: 4essays down, 4 to go. 0 finals down, 4 to go. 2 counselors down, 0 to go. the only comfort sometimes is knowing that every other student in the world is as burdened as you right now :P

I am shopping for a camera remote and a tripod since no one likes to help me out with the blog, so hopefully we will have regular posts after finals end next week

oh and please ignore the prayer ads, I'm trying to get rid of them as they clearly don't represent anything to do with me. I had pro-prop 8 ads during the election and couldn't do anything about it, which of course pissed me off, but now I've figured out the proper course of action: whine to ad sense. should be down in a few hours

how does everyone like the new banner/header/thing? be sure to check out Mob Ster the artist who's work I've now digitally defaced. gah,I feel badly because I don't have permisson, but I love it! Such an insanely good piece. I've been emailing about this to see if using the image is okay, but so far no reply. If Mob Ster doesn't like it though, it's coming down, just warning you all.

EDIT: MOB STER LIKES IT! Yay! Not coming down for anything now, muahahaha!

Also does anyone have any opinions on remotes and tripods for the Nikon d50? I'm shopping for both and I have no clue about the remote, though I know I want a gorilla pod, I just need a standing tripod as well. Suggestions?


TheMinx said...

I totally love that photo, and your header is rad :)

Iole said...

I love a this pic so much too!

BB&HH said...

We are back.
Brand new blog.
BB&HH 2.0.

With love ,

Summer said...

love the first stanza of this post..=) I love this photo. (sometimes you just need a day like this where even the gods are looking at your ass.) hahaha.So funny.=) Hope to see more from you.Have a great day.=)

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Solo said...

Love this post.;D Looking forward on your next post,have a great day ahead.;D

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kirstyb said...

love the pic xoxox

elisabeth said...

that picture is great :D

gosh, you have a LOT of assigments!good luck with them :)

Vintage Tea said...

HA HA love that photo!

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Moded'amour said...

love that photo!

Anonymous said...

haha very funny picture!

Taryn Andre said...

love this photo :-))

alexandra said...

love the photo! xxx

gennie said...

i like your new header!!

NICK said...

Wow~~ sooo funny this pic


fashion for you ~

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.