"turning us into fire, turning us into monsters, it's all desire, it's all desire, it's all desire"

here are a few things I've purchases recently. so I'm assuming this would be one of those "recent purchases" posts? am I doing it alright so far, I'm so concerned

seriously, if you've gotten this far and not realized I'm the most sarcastic person this side of the Mississippi, turn back now. that part wasn't as much.

so I got this United Arrows jacket from Lulu and googled it the second I felt how freaking soft it is, the version of this without sleeves is fuzuckin $700 for serious.

needless to say, I got a fantastic deal. what now

how you like teh poladriods? the actual pictures were better, but this is kewler. which I'm told is not a word, but I refuse to give it up. my face-stomping friend Stompface (I'm all into redundancy, which is to say needless, tautological, pleonastic or superfluous text, by which one repeats, in duplication, the same, identical, aforesaid things over and over and over and over again, tonight. I've reread Uncyclopedia's 'article' on redundancy. again. trouble always follows) showed me how teh poladroids put smudgy fingerprints on for you! this is my most favorite thing of this second.

WAIT. where are my smudgy goodness-es? damn. I had such hope. second over.

so here's the condom box in the first pic. you see that big-ass box in the pic below that you would expect to find a toaster in if it were shipped to you? yeah, that's what it came in. had a friend over the day it came and we laughed at that irony for hours. talk about pipe dreams.

the white blazer, which is epic, is from Camille, and the denim bustier (by which I mean, holy fuck, I didn't realize such epicness was manufactured, ya know? this means I can buy it for my very own!) is from The Stylish Wanderer. I've been a bit busy on the spending like someone between jobs shouldn't be spendin. oh well.

the last pic is of my closet, which isn't actually a closet, but a clothes-rack, and don't pity me, but I freaking love it. every person that I tell that face-to-face just sighs and looks at me like "oh you poor thing" while I'm like, but no! I live in the basement and have concrete floors and it's awesome! which honestly, doesn't convince them of anything I'd like them to think.

promise to do the "satisfied customer" posts for all very soon, I'm nearly done with teh research paper and I will soon be available for, um, blogging that actually takes energy. fancy that.


Bambola said...

I love it. All of it.

Stompface is amazing.

&& I'm the same. Except first floor. Concrete floors (painted & marked) & a rack for a closet. I love my closet rack, it's SO chic. I think.

=) GREAT finds from the stylish wanderer too, I'm having a sticky beak to see if there's anything I can't afford but *must have*

Bambola x

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Is This Real Life? said...

The jacket looks great!
Cool polaroid pics!


Ashford said...

i was hoping that was the condom box!

Iole said...

totally love this post and all your stuff

gb said...

the bustier IS amazing. and from what i can tell, your "closet" set up is too. i can really picture with concrete floors. that minimalistic, cold but also kind of eclectic look just by having all your clothes there. a look i love but have a little trouble describing..

HEK said...

Yum, so much cool stuff! :)
Too funny about the box.

Summer said...

Great stuff here.Enjoy..;D
Have a wonderful weekend.;D


Solo said...

Look at the jacket,looks great.=)


Stompface said...

that bustier looks like love. LOVE I TELLS YA.

Okay I held out on you unintentionally on the smudgy marks because I forgot that I changed some settings in the settings part. I don't understand but I think you need to tick the boxes photo and paper. if that fails just tick all the boxes in the world until it is smudgy.
Oh darn aren't I technical.


Lucie said...

wow great stuff!
love ur bloggggg

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Man you have been buying up a storm! I totally loved that denim bustier from the Stylish Wanderer. I have hanging racks in my room too, kinda ghetto but I love it :) xx

Anonymous said...

i really love the polaroid look.

and all the stuff in the pics. and the condom box.


Olivia said...

the last picture is my favourite. I love the way you display your jewelry like that aswell :)

elisabeth said...

love every single thing here :D

Allie said...

Love everything!! especially that denim corset! Fabulous.