"no one on the corner has swagger like us"

Title unrelated. Or so completely related, it'll blow your mind. You decide.

I'm pretty much going to post in courier from now on, such a bitchin font. Wish I could speak in it.

Found this epicness this morning on TrendLand, and I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love. Appeals to the minimalist in me that dies every time it sees my room.

I leave in the morning for Newport, wish me luck on the 7-hour (no exaggeration) drive. Tchao


Victoria C said...

Yuck I hate long drives so much. Have fun in Newport though! xx

Selina said...

M.I.A paper planes
is the title right?

Pixienish said...

I love that photo. Especially that black veil on her head, ahaha :)

hande said...

ohh black!!my fave color this is amazing!!

Don't Be A Hero said...

yep Selina, MIA's Paper Planes is right

Paperface said...

"Wish I could speak in it."


Very yes.

kayleigh said...

that picture is cool

cool cool