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So photobucket still hates me as you can see, the new cycle starts on the 27th so the pics will come back then, but in the mean time they wont let me do the trial pay thing that everyone suggested, so oh well. I've put all the outfit posts on different acounts so that'll probably help a bit.

Speaking of which, I'm sorry about the heinous lack of outfit posts, my photographer and I both have been sick, but I'm taking a trip down to my native Newport Beach and I'm sure the sea air and sun will help out.

In the mean time, I've got two essays to write and a test to study for so I'll just leave you with some favorites of Haider Ackermann who I didn't know existed until my friend Hilde at Denoto posted about him. He might be my new favorite, epicness contained, am I right? I love teh blogosphere, Tchao.


HEK said...

Heey, I'm so glad I could show you one of my absolute favourite designers, and that you love him too is even better;) The collection he did for fall 08 is one of my all time faves, if you havn't all ready you should check it out:

And can you imagine actually owning clothes like that? You know, just hanging around, wearing some gorgeous pieces of art in silk and leather and stuff..

Stompface said...

You know what, photobucket is the devil. I had it for ages and it was never a problem, but on everyone elses blogs it is always trying to make you up grade. IT IS EVIL. I use picasa if that is any help, downloaded from google. it makes you do lots of wild things. It is a wild stallion.

I have talked too much.


p.s: Mr Bird is very glad you share the love for over the knee socks, perhaps you shall discuss the matter over tea?

Victoria C said...

I've never heard of this designer before, so thank you for putting up these pictures! The top left looks is my favourite especially.
Hope photobucket stops sucking soon haha xx

Iole said...

graet style.

Krystal said...

love that collection...as for that quote on my site, i have NO idea haha! x

Wanderlusting said...

Wow - those jackets are amazing. I need a new word than amazing for this...stupendous?

Those jackets are stupendous!



Lisa said...

i loved haider ackermann f/w 09.
like a lot a lot :)

thanks for all your sweetness.
you are way toooo kind!

have a beautiful day