Good god, am I ever going to get to that era of blogging where I'm not apologizing for the lack of posts every post?

Wouldn't that be nice.

The mess of photos is kinda the fault of my being on vacation (!) for the past two weeks which complicated things a bit. Pesky Vacation.

The hat in the pics is something I just tried on in a shop, but didn't end up buying. I figured Lulu might get mad if I stole her hat thunder :P But really, just a touch too much money and I've got this rule if I really love something that's too pricey; it's Meant To Be if I've come back later and its still there and I have the funds. Yeah, that hasn't really worked out too well. Especially because I've always capitalized Meant To Be.

Unnecessary capitalization is so the new quotation marks.

More to the point, I was tagged by the lovely chicka behind Le Smoking and Le Fashion ages ago and I've finally had the wherewithal/technology/consciousness to post them, yay!

So here are a few non-important things/habits/quirks about myself

• I hate nail files
• I didn’t learn how to spell my middle name until I was 13
• I hate being cold, but love cold weather and the clothing that follows
• I am the world's biggest beauty nerd. For God's sake, I've had a subscription to Allure since I was twelve. Case in point, see above picture of me with my first can of Elnett.
• My floor is cement, no carpet or wood flooring, and I love it. No. Really. I'm actually serious. There's paint splatter everywhere and it's so completely bitchin I can't even tell you.
• I don’t actually have a closet, but instead I have an mobile clothes rack so my clothes are kind of my decor
• It took me years to convince people that I wasn’t a vegetarian or from Europe.

And here are a few things that make me happy.

• My Golden Retriever, Sam. (awwwwww, I know. I'm a sap)
• Mandarin Oranges
• Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes
• Dramedies
• Truman Capote
• Arizona Green Tea
• House

Randomly Tagging:

- Fashion Pariah
- Zanita
- What Is Reality Anyway?
- Oui, Je Suis!
- Stompface
- Ed Westwick

okay, I kid, I kid. Can you tell I did this while catching up on GG?

But Ed, if you read my blog and want to do this tag you are perfectly welcome to it... in or out of character :P

PS how do you like the makeover? took me long enough right?



i love your hat! i've meaning to get one like that!

She's Dressing Up said...

Manderin Oranges, yum.
I'd love my floor to be plain cement, my carpet is awful!

jaime said...

LOVE all the outfits :)

Mona said...

Love the fur collar!!

MOLLY GRAY said...

love the photos.. and ed westwick is a stud.. you'll be lucky if he reads your blog ;D hahaha..

Anonymous said...

love all the pictures!

life . style . dissected said...

glad to see you're back!!!

great shots!


Krystal said...

i have homework :)

i love these looks, LOVE them xx


me too, me too! Hate the cold but adore winter clothes...layer3x!
Great weekend sweetie!

Stompface said...

new post!
glad my nagging succeeded.

cool mish mash of pics up there lovely.

Oh thanks for the tagging, i did this one recently though, so I won't bore everyone with it again.

I hope you are fantastic!


ps mmmm delicious ed westwick.

chocandcinnamon said...

I also have a golden retriever! He's called Roy :)
Nice post!

HEK said...

I love your hat! But not the dead animal, I'm sorry....

Victoria Hart said...

Now I'm curious, what's your middle name?

Fashionista* said...

gorgeous outfits