"and yes, she's a system and the plan, so devising. let's go!"

finally got some summer in there. Kirsten (I Can't Make You Love Me) and I ran around like fools the other day. She stole my shorts. I drank her iced passion tea. We traded shoes we already own in mismatched sizes when the correct sizes were back at home in each others' closest. no damage done to k's converse, but my sandals are now a little too big.

finally got my camera remote in the mail, so actual regular blogging will now actually, er, happen. about time, right?


Stompface said...

ahhh summer how I miss you.
looks like you are having fun times all round little lady.

camera remote should result in some cool cool pics!


HEK said...

cool pictures, love the first one:)
Summer is totaly over here.. Enjoy it while it's at your place;)

rebecca said...

that last picture is just beautiful! summer really is just gorgeous to photograph in! loving the shorts! x

Fashionology said...

I love these pictures! Great blog girl! <3

Don't Be A Hero said...

thanks everyone!

Rebecca, thanks! Kirsten's wearing my Topshops, which she's desperately trying to find on ebay, and I'm wearing American Apparel Acid Wash Denim Runners

Natalie said...

I love your pics, especially the first one. cute convees!



Summer said...

Love the heat of the sun! =D Enjoy! =D

Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Andy said...

nice place! it looks like it's so funny over there :-) cute pictures!
I'm back on blogger so see u soon.. :)


Jessica said...

You two are adorable!


Anonymous said...

such cute shorts!

Krystal Simpson said...

SOOO pretty!

The Confines of Reality. said...

soso beautiful
your pictures seem to define you as a genuine person.
thanks for blogging and inspiring
xo Mandi from Winterpeg