"you should be happier now with no one to pray to or would you love to break your knees from begging and praying?"

blonder, yet again.
so this time it actually turned out the way I wanted to, which I didn't think was coiffure-istically possible. I know, right?
hey, like how I actually took the shades off for this one? this is proof that I'm human, not terminator, so enjoy it while you can because summer's pretty much here and those wayfarers aren't leaving my face for anything.
so the schedule is as such: 8 papers to write/finish, 4 finals to take, 2 conselors to see, 1 professiency test to retake. like how that nicely divides by two with every new thing? or doesn't everyone else geek out and see math patterns when they see numbers too?
and I'm an english major. firgure that one.
I did have an outfit post, but then SOMEONE decided to use the flash. I always look stoned with the flash on. I'll just re-do the outfit later or something. I should get me a remote so that I can actually get the pics I want rather than have an impatient and impartial photographer who just wants to sit back down again take them and therefore kinda really ruin the whole process. and you wonder why I hardly post. hmmmm
oh and is anyone else supremely disappointed in the Elizabeth and James shoe line? all I like are both sets of the loafers, which I would wear everywhere, but everything else is just...boring.


HEK said...

So I see you have nothing to do really..:p Well, good luck on all that.
If it makes you feel better, I have problems with outfit photoshoots too, we have to take like 50 pictures to get one good pic, yeah I look stoned too.. Especially now, cause it's seriously pollen attacks going on, and I can't keep my eyes open, really hate that, it doesn't just feel terrible but you have to look like shit too.

gennie said...

i totally agree about the E&J shoe line.. prettttty lame. I was expecting something so amazing and was severely let down.. what can i say girls can be such shoe snobs haha.

i'm happy to hear you like chuck close too!!!