"I found a new way c'mon don't amuse me"

photo credit vogue

These boots have been in my dreams since this June 2007 Vogue spread with Keira Knightley, so much so that I actually screamed when I found my $3 vintage black version a few months back, even though they are about three sizes too big.

But now, thanks to eBay, the brown Frye Engineers that Keira also fell for are a freaking reality. For fifty bucks. I'm not kidding. AND THESE ACTUALLY FIT DAMMNIT.

So I'm breaking them in and will post some epic pics soon, but for now it's back to the school work and being uncreative in ink stains, sweatshirts and coffee spills.


Iole said...

The elephant with the vuitton scarf is so cute. Love this pics.

Molly Gray // Flavia M. said...

Wow, i'm jealous now.. those are great!

The Stiletto Effect said...

haha cute photo! what a fashionable baby elephant ;)

Stephanie said...

That is the most fashionable elephant i have ever seen :)

A.n.E said...

ha ha - i so totally remember that pair and the effect it also had on me!!
I've stopped looking for them for a while- but dang girl great steal! I'll be keeping an eye out!

gennie said...

hey congrats on finding the frye boots! Isn't ebay awwwwesome sometimes??! hehe

And yes Garance is truly truly an epic website <3

Victoria C said...

that was one of my favourite vogue spreads ever. love the boots!
great blog xo

OhDearLeah said...

great find!

love the photo haha!

do you wanna trade links?


hande said...

omg!!hahaa:)this is really great pic :)

die tägliche revolution said...

i would have to whole-heartedly agree.
i still remember that spread... one of my favorites, EVER. :D


jamie clare said...

shut UP right now with this post.

i literally have that whole spread tacked onto my wall. i've been in love for it forever. the one were she's at the typewriter and the shot at the plane are my two faves. plus keira is my all-time style icon.

i am so jealous of your bootfind. if they are a size 8.5 i expect them in the mail when you get sick of them.