Christ, another apology. Even though I have two (count 'em) TWO totally legit excuses, I still feel epically guilty for starting classes and my computer wiggin out, therefore neglecting the blog. I've got to stop getting myself into this position.

Speaking of positions, look at what I'm getting myself for Valentines!

It's a condom box. I honestly see no use for this, I mean, I don't really see how it could fit more than one, unless they're bitty and then why would you want to show this off?

But I WANT one.

It's also on sale :P


Ashford said...

omg I want it too.
where is it from?
so classy.

also, can i put it on my blog too?
for vday and all.

Stephanie said...

Wow, thats so weird..i kinda want it now.

Rumi said...

Lol good enough reasoning for me!

Completely agree on the dude names for girls thing...it's just hot. She should have stayed James..


Molly Gray // Flavia M. said...

That is a cool piece, i didn't know such thing existed.

HEK said...


We got Oslo Fashion Week going om over here now, to see pics stop by my blog:)

BSgirl said...

I never hear about it... :)

Anonymous said...

let me know when you've linked me, and i'll link you back


Anonymous said...