A touch late, I know, but I'm sure there's a platitude I'm forgetting that makes my lateness okay :P


The perfect wallet. I bought an idiot red United Colors of Benetton one when I was sixteen and I've been stuck with it ever since. Four years of a festively colored year-round piece? I think I've earned my upgrade points now.


The most underrated bag of the year if you ask me. Can you believe it's still not on Bag Borrow Steal? I don't know how they live with themselves.


I've always been the only person my age that I know who knows what this is. It's all my years of watching Frasier as a child

I have a weakness for Ray-Bans, what can I say? But seriously, how hard is it for everyone to sell these instead of the idiot ones with the black insides? They're so deceptive! Make you walk around all day thinking you're wearing black shades. Just imagine the damage that could do to your whole outfit :P


Muahaha, it looks like I'm actually getting these, Rumi told me they run big so I'm in luck. Thanks Rumi!


Yay for ass-ugly Vintage Nike Elites! Don't you love how fantastic all my wishlist items looked together until I put this pic in? I seriously love these things, I'm just glad I'm a woman and therefore don't feel compelled to grow a Porn-Star 'Stache every time I see them.

I kinda have this weakness for beat up furniture, especially chests, I swear this'd be my last one. Really.


The world's best tattoo, though I'm not sure it would work on me, do you think I could pull it off?

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
And anyone who's serious about fashion wants this subscription

But there's this

which basically means it would be cheaper for me to move to France.

The Obligatory Love, Actually Scene

Happy Holidays everyone!


Bambola said...

I know that chair! You've gotta be one of the first people I've met that watches & appreciates Frasier. That chair is to die for! Can't wait to see you rock those shoes too :)

Merry Christmas

BloguleRouge said...

J'adore le tattoo,et ce modèle de Ray-Ban
Joyeux Noël !!!

Angela said...

HAHAH love that scene :D

Merry Christmas!

Krystal said...

you can pull off any tattoo you want to pull off. thats my rule :) what a bad ass tatto though! and it is never too late for a wish list. xx

Swank Heights said...

OMG I know/love that chair!

I love everything on this list which means you are sooo my type of girl.

What kind of bag is that?

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are incredible. Actually, your entire list is pretty great. I want it all...

I want a tattoo done on my inner forearm too, but I'm a bit of a weenie...

TheMinx said...

I'm in love with the font of the tattoo, and the bag is simply amazing. Great blog girl :))

She's Dressing Up said...

Ahh Love Actually! So cute.
I love getting a new wallet and fitting all of my cards into it

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

the vogue subscription is a must! cute blog :) check mine out if you have time!

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

hey i love your blog! and i just became a follower
can you check out my blog and comment some of my post? if you like it can you follow it?

thanks! =]


Song of Style said...

hope u had a merry christmas!
Love Actually is my favorite movie! ah, i heart that scene. lol
and abt the first wallet. yes, i heart Benetton! the price is super good (considered high end) and the quality does not disappoint!!

Goldie Locks said...

The tattoo is amazing, as is the wood trunk :)

Stacy said...

It's a pretty good wish list.

geri said...

ohhh i love your wish, especially that bag!

Jenny H. said...

greatttt list.
love the bag and shoes.

chocandcinnamon said...

Great chair. I also used to watch Frasier, my dad loves it, and I like it too :D
Happy New Year!

jaime said...

oh wow that is the perfect wallet :) happy 2009 gorgeous! hope it's full of blessings and much love!

Aisha said...

I really need a wallet, I think I'm gonna ask for one for my birthday.

I love the idea of the tatoo and the kind of letter they used, they kinda look like from a writing machine.

Nice blog, dear

Miu Miu Doll said...

gorgeous wishlist. 'cause love is actually everywhere!
happy new year.

a fashionable kiss x Laura Anais

Sarah Von said...

That is a truly fantastic tattoo - pull-off-able, I'm sure!

Maverick said...

Haha, I have a weakness for Ray Bans, too!

Great blog :)

Eleanor said...

I <3 <3 <3 the CDG wallet, shoes & tattoo. It' never too late for a list as cool as this:)
Happy New Year

Trish said...

Whoaw to that Beige wedges! Happy 2009 dear! :)

Andy said...

Everything looks so cool!
I'm finally back.
check out my new post!
happy new year by the way



Hi from Paris and now New York a si am shootiung this week in New York

i saw your comment on the Sartorialist's blog.

i hope that someday you'll love my blog as weel

i just try to humanize fashion by showing with my street style pics in Paris that real women are more beautiful than anoroexic models in magazines


i wish you a delightful day

cheers from Paris and New York


Maria C said...

I am digin the couch (damn it looks comfy) and the Nikes you always need a good pair of kicks!

i hope you have been well dear.

Ashley said...


I used to work at a vintage store and we totally had one of those chairs.


Anonymous said...

Love that love actually scene.

Perfect tattoo in my opinion...

yiqin; said...

LOL you're so funny when you are talking about the raybans! I love those nude shoes too..mmmhmm

ryder said...

i dont have a wallet cause i dint find a perfect one. once i saw lacoste one, but when i returned it was sold.

Fashionista* said...

i love that movie. so funny
and about the vogue paris, it is soooo expensive! i filled the form to, but it's a little bit cheaper for me, because i live in belgium.. not so far away from france :)
but it is still cheaper if i go to the bookshop every month

Anonymous said...

another great post :)


mary said...

love these stuff :-D

mr.pink said...

I just stumbled over your blog, and I can't believe what I've been missig all this time!!!
Love it!
Ps: I've got the Eames Lounge chair :)

Amau said...

Ray Ban :D